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We want to be as fair as possible about the Kaiser Hospice program.  There are some families
that are quite happy to get rid of their loved ones and have someone else assume the responsibility
for the medical care.  There are also some patients that knowingly enter the program with the desire
to get it over with, and they do, generally within a week.  There are also patients and their families
that get service exactly as they expect and they report a decent experience.  Many patients are
enrolled into the program because they are promised their medicine or medical supplies will then
be paid for.  It often does not work out that way. Many patients are not any where terminal.  Some
have dementias of some sort and that condition is now allowed by our government in the hospice
program.  Unfortuantely, many people report that the care provided by Kaiser is nothing similar to
what Kaiser has promiseid and because no one really regulates that program unless formal
complaints are made, they get away with it.

There are more patients and their families that want proper, clean and
decent medical care, and do not want the now common medical excuse
given by a person that has an interest in shortening a patients life that
they have the power to predict when a person should die and will make
it happen as predicted.  Most hospice patients are the elderly and their
medical care is paid for by the Federal Government.  The Federal
Government pays Kaiser three months in advance and rarely checks
up to see if Kaiser is properly managing the hospice program unless
a patient or their family files a formal complaint.  
See: The Government Printing Office on Title 42 and here.  
Statements have been made that it is in the interest of the Federal Government to
not oversee these issues because for every senior killed or encouraged to die earlier
by any means than what would normally be considered natural, the Federal government
saves several thousand dollars per patient annually, in money that is not spent paying
a medical provider.  The Federal government pays out at a higher rate for shorter term
coverage to providers for cutting off most actual medical care.

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