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KaiserPapers Opinions on the Kaiser Hospice Program and proposed Euthanasia Laws politely termed Assisted Suicide

In general, unless a person is truly actively dying and that person wishes to not receive any medical care, food or water and only receive mind numbing medication we oppose this program.  The following are comments in agreement with far more recognized authorities in this field.  

The American Euthanasia movement is running a well thought out political con game:

The seemingly never ending push to enact laws encouraging euthanasia, politely termed assisted suicide laws in this country has gone on for decades but receives little press so it sounds novel and new every few years.  We all are shocked when we read of genocide, infanticide, mass suicides, all of which appear to  take place somewhere else in this world.  Yet we don't really pay attention to what is taking place right under our own noses.
Wesley Smith has written about this political manipulation that is being foisted on the American Public.  The euthanasia organization that continues to promote this stuff just gets slicker and slicker each time they promote their agenda.  

Wesley J Smith of the National Review summed it up nicely and has stated:
"the American euthanasia movement is running a well thought out political con game."  
....."In other words, these suicide advocates don’t oppose expanding the law beyond the current limitations for principled reasons. Rather, restraint is a political tactic, a necessary temporary expedient deemed necessary to gain the trust of a very wary public."

Read more at:

Hospice Patients are entitled to real food.

Should "they" tell you when to sign on to hospice?
When disabled people come into contact with medical professionals, they often judge our quality of life to be  so poor that they think that death may be preferable.  When some members of society consider the possibility of acquiring disabling conditions, they believe that it might be better to “choose” death.  None of these people are in a position to actually know what a patient wants to do.  They have never been in it. No one wants to be sick, and no one wants to be killed because they are sick or will be some day.

Hospice patients are entitled to real food - not glucose or sugar water for nourishment.  Hospice patients should have their loved ones around.  Contrary to "in vogue" industry information people should not be separated from their loved ones to be allowed to die.  Besides, if loved ones aren't there they may always wonder what really happened.  The whole point of keeping family away from any patient by Kaiser hospice staff is so they will be eliminated faster.  It is all about money and the longer a person lives on that program the more company resources are spent.  It has nothing to do with any act of kindness or consideration.  It is evil being used for financial profit - pure and simple.  When a patient is signed onto the Kaiser hospice program, their right to life has been legally removed.  The patient can be outright killed and no authority will do a thing about it because legally there is now a document that says they were going to die anyway.  The true purpose of hospice is to make the patients remaining days rewarding and comfortable, not to kill them off.

Actually if Kaiser is going to continue to run their business in such a manner they might just as well add life and burial insurance as part of their package then they can cash in all the way around.  Of course the patient only wins when a relative cashes in the burial insurance after they are dead!  For further information on this topic browse over to  Hospice Patients Alliance at:
For your sake - Just don't do it!
As the heading above states - Please don't sign up with Kaiser Hospice until you have
read the material on this and other sites about the topic.  Kaiser is more interested
in fleecing your pockets to enrich themselves than they are always telling you the
truth about your health.

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