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Kaiser Hospice Patient Stories
These are a few selected Kaiser Hospice stores that are placed in this section to demonstrate how this program often works.

Patient is out of network, out of luck
After Kaiser advised him to enter hospice, Jalal Afshar sought out-of-network treatment that he says saved his life. Now he's suing for the $2-million cost of care.

By Chad Terhune, Los Angeles Times
May 10, 2013, 9:26 p.m.,0,1277468.story

February 2013 - Henry O. Valles

Mr. Valles was a 93 year old Kaiser hospice patient who had a case of the flu.  His wife had fallen and was taken to Kaiser hospital.  The Kaiser home hospice nurse determined that he should also be sent to the hospital because she could only provide morphine.  At the hospital, on December 27, 2012, Mr. Valles spent the night in the Kaiser Irvine ER because no beds were available in the hospital.  No treatment was given, no fluids or medicines nor was he helped to the bathroom On December 28th he was moved to the hospital and placed in a restraining jacket.  . He weighed 90 pounds and was 93 years old and Kaiser felt he needed to be restrained in such a manner.  His right shoulder was seriously damaged due to the restraining jacket.  The hospital doctor, knowing that Mr. Valles was a hospice patient refused all treatments and all professional medical care while he was hospitalized.  His shoulder never healed and his health greatly deteriorated immediately after this Kaiser experience.

Violetlee Runels
This is the story of a patient who was denied medical treatment that could have and would have saved her life by a group of at least 8 different doctors at 3 Kaiser facilities.  Medical documentation and a independant Kaiser physician statement state that this group, working together caused this woman at least four years of suffering by their act of denial of professional medical care or even letting the patient know so she could seek medical care elsewhere.  For this time period no Kaiser medical professional or even clerk had the decency to let the patient or her family know what her true medical condition was as they had  documented in the medical records.  She was placed in the Kaiser hospice program in 2005.  She was then a senior citizen and hospice was involved, no attorney would take the case because under California Law there would not be a reward for this abuse large enough to cover their costs.

Bill and Marie O'Dell 

This is a case where it appears that Kaiser has a separate diagnosis for a patient but is not willing to admit to in writing because that would be an admission of Medicare Fraud and Breach of Contract with the O'Dell's.  According to Mr. O'Dell, around 2 years ago Marie's Kaiser physician said that he thought she had SIADH ((syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone).  Bill O'Dell found on the internet that this could be caused by cancer of the lung and a requested that Kaiser do a workup to find the true root cause of her SIADBill requested and demanded that she be tested 
for this disease. 

Kaiser refused to examine her and gave them the explanation that she was too old and ill for them to provide any treatment.  Kaiser has currently placed Marie O'Dell in their Home Hospice Program, with the diagnosis of "Failure to Thrive."  She has been prescribed Morphine to take in liquid drops under the tongue for breathing problems.  Kaiser previously had placed her on their straight Home Health Program, for about one month, on paper.  Little service was provided for her under this program.

A local funeral director  has also advised Mr. O'Dell that if he did not place her in the Kaiser Hospice Program, that upon Marie's death he might be under suspicion of murder.  The funeral director explained to Mr. O'Dell that under Oregon State Law that if Marie is under the care of Kaiser Hospice at the time of her death that he will not have any problems from the law enforcement authorities. - May 12, 2003

Natalie Smith Parra
Natalie Smith Parra is today a thriving non Kaiser patient who was fortunate enough to escape the Kaiser Hospice Program.  At the age of 38 Kaiser diagnosed her as having inoperate and untreatable lung cancer and wanted her to become a hospice patient.  As it turned out Natalie sought an outside of Kaiser second opinion at UCLA who determined that she had a operable and treatable condition.  Kaiser had negligently diagnosed her based on inappropriate medical testing and issued a death sentence.  Kaiser also failed to authorize UCLA to perform the surgery.  The surgery was done and Natalie survived just fine.

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